Suzuki lessons are different from traditional music lessons.

The Suzuki philosophy is that any child can learn an instrument, and that they will learn it in the same way they learn language - an approach that Shinichi Suzuki called the mother-tongue approach. That is, students learn an instrument by listening, through repetition in an encouraging environment (with their parent), and later, by reading.


  1. Suzuki students should listen to the Suzuki repertoire (on the CD) every day.
  2. When a child takes Suzuki music lessons, a designated parent attends lessons with them and practices with the child at home, repeating what they have learned daily. The parent becomes a "home teacher" and helps the child develop skills at home (the parent does not have to have musical training).
  3. Even the very newest children attend Group Lessons in addition to their private lessons. Group Lessons reinforce the things students learn in their private lessons and provide a safe, informal place for children to perform in front of others (their peers). Later, students will learn music theory in their Group Lessons.
  4. Finally, students have at least two recitals a year and more in some cases. There are also opportunities to perform at various locations throughout the year.


For more detail about the Suzuki method, please visit our About Suzuki Lessons and About Group Lessons pages  








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